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William's weight update

I took William to the pediatrician this week for his weight check-in. His physician was concerned that he had not gained any weight for his past few visits so she wanted to monitor him. He has gained 2 pounds since his last visit 4 moths ago so she is pleased with it. She asked me if I wanted to bring him prior to his 3 year well visit to check his weight and I declined. I was not the one worried about it in the first place. Like I told her...come to my house for an hour and you will see why my boy is so lean.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I know that's right. I'm sure if he's eating those waffles to or soon will be. THeres no need to worry.

  2. I too am glad you declined that follow-up visit. William is healthy and strapping and full of energy - you would know that best as his mom! :-) And with childhood obesity such a common issue these days I'm surprised his pediatrician is concerned - seems to me she should be commending you for a job well done!


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