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Monday Randoms

Weekends are really not good for me. I really don't like them. When the husband and kids are home I am miserable. Sounds terrible huh? Well the reason for my miserableness is because I get too damn cozy when they are around. I eat too much foolishness and it goes on from Saturday morning until Sunday midnight. I eat more in those 2 days than I do all week long. It's not right. I need to do better than that. *sighs*

On a better note I have been using regular body products on William. It has been working out really well since he has really good skin to begin with. Now he shares cocoa butter lotion with Papo. Cheaper too. Speaking of William, I found a way to tame him. If he is acting up and needs some distraction to calm down all I have to do is ask him if he wants to brush his teeth. Strange I know. He loves to get his teeth brushed. Lets hope it stays this way.

I am locking myself in the house today to clean. It appears that a small storm blew through while we were sleeping last night. It blew in more dirty laundry too. Well I better get to work. I am sure I will have something more interesting to say tomorrow. Maybe.
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  1. I agree, there is so much more temptation to eat "crappy" on the weekends than when Im alone (at work) and monitoring what I put in my mouth for breakfast/lunch. So easy to give in when DH says, "Well let's just order a pizza," cuz then I'm thinking about not having to cook, how good that steaming hot pizza pie will be, and etc.....

    I hope Chase gets to a point where he loves to brush his teeth! Right now he "tolerates" it, but it would never stop him in his tracks from getting into mischief. The only thing that will now, sadly, is if I call out: "Ice pop! Ice pop! Want an ice pop?" *smh* Ive never seen anyone run as fast to me as him then!


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