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Jun 24, 2010

I did not plant a garden this year

I learned a lesson from last year's garden. I lost money. I spent a small fortune to get what I wanted and in the end we did not even use what we planted. I think it was more novelty watching the plants grow, make blooms and eventually produce vegetables. Did we really need 50 cucumbers? Did we really need 100 squash? What about 1000 tomatoes? Nope. In actuality, Dwayne and I are the only ones that would even eat cucumbers and I am the only person who would eat squash. I tried giving some away and it seems like everyone planted the same things. So this year our garden bed is bare. I might just make it into a hot pepper garden so I can make my homemade pepper sauces or just plant some flowers. You can't go wrong with flowers. I saw that squash, cukes and peppers were 10 pounds for $10 in the grocery store this week. I think I will go that route ;-)
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  1. You had my mouth hanging open on the number of plants you planted. My husband tends to go overboard too. I notice sometimes with giving stuff away that some people don't even eat it. Then I feel like I wasted giving it to them. Planting what we eat is the best route.

  2. Aaaah, to live in the south - boy, do i miss those days! I would give anything to have neighbors who planted a vegetable garden AND were generous enough to give away the extras.

    But you are right - can't go wrong with flowers. Beautiful AND the process of watching them grow/bloom is just as enjoyable.

  3. I'm hoping to plant enough to can some of it next year.


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