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William's speech update

Many of you who either know me personally or follow the blog regularly know that William is a late bloomer in the speech department. He has been making some great strides lately and has become quite fond of a handful of words. We are encouraging his speech development as much as possible and are finding that he comes up with at least 2 new words each day. Here is a list of words he currently uses and his version of them.
  • apple- apple
  • bird- buud
  • Brie- Beee
  • Chardie- Shawdee
  • tall dog- taw dog
  • the end- dee end
  • Head- hett
  • Teeth- teef
  • ears- eeezz
  • sissy- seesee
  • trees- tees
  • up- up
  • cup-tup
  • water- watuw
  • ball- bawll
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. LOL!!! The pronunciation key was cute - although i've never met William i could just picture him saying those words in that little baby voice they all have.

    His vocabulary seems quite extensive to me. I know many 2 year olds who aren't "talking" fluently, so much as stringing together 1-2 words at a time to utter statements.

  2. Some adults pronounce words the same way :-) Man you are going to be so so sorry and you'll be grumbling to yourself...."why did I want him to start talking so soon again"? heheheheh

  3. He's making HUGE progress! Be very Proud Shelly! Be very Proud!

  4. I don't think there has ever been anything wrong with a toddler lagging behind in the speech department. Just a little longer mommy's get to hear those cute little words they make up and in their cute little voices.
    It's literally my favorite when I sit and actually listen to the words they say, and how they say them. Makes me smile! I can't help but picture William saying these words while I read them to myself :)

  5. BTW sounds like he is doing wonderful to me :) Pretty soon, you'll be wishing he would SHUT UP, wait is that just me and my son??

  6. Way to go, Willie! Shawdee, love it!

  7. thats awesome.

    for the record, i kinda still say 'teef'. ; )


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