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Diaper points programs

I just wanted to know if any of you collect the rewards points for Huggies or Pampers brand diapers? I am not exclusive to any particular brand but I do collect the points and finally made it to over 1000 with Pampers. I had my eye and a Go Diego Go! soft potty seat. I was at TJ Maxx yesterday and saw the same seat for $6.99. So you mean to tell me I have been saving like a fool for 2 years all for an item that is under $10?? Oh, plus I have to pay for the shipping!? Pure nonsense. Does anyone else save the points and have you redeemed them for "gifts"? I want to know what the shipping cost was. They are real slick by making you surrender your points before they give you that information. What the hell is the point of the whole rewards program when it truly is not in your favor?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. i dont save any points and neither does my wife.

    on a similar note (but not really) i HATE when i buy something at regular price and within a day its like 25% off! i mean you couldnt tell me to just wait till the next day?!...ass

  2. Rewards program??!?!! How is it that I didnt know about these programs, and I've been giving these companies so much money in diapers? LOL!!! *makes mental note to research these programs asap*

    Okay, you can get a Diego potty for under $10. Dern! I was thinking that would be around $39.99 or something. Well that is good to know! (Although it's not our time just yet, and lord knows im not in a rush for that! LOL)

  3. OMG! How janky is that? Trifling. They probably got the product for free, too.


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