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Really, really happy

I know I just posted a week ago about William's speech update but I just had to share that he has skyrocketed with his language in the past few days! He wants to point out everything he knows and tell me about it. He is recognizing and saying the names of objects in his books. He is also playing around with some of the letters of the alphabet. I am really happy about it and decided I will not look into a speech therapist for him. I guess it was about being patient and working diligently. He is really getting so much better. YES!!!
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  1. That's such awesome news!!! I'm so happy to hear that - giant milestones like that feel so good. :-)

  2. Boys do tend to do things in their own time, they do not like to be pushed, for whatever reason.

    Great job William!

  3. What a blessing that he's improving.

    Our 2 year old X also struggled with speech. We pursued speech therapy only because he was so frustrated by the difficulties he was having. Now that he's almost 3, he is doing so much better. He still isn't completely "caught up" but he isn't crying because he can't communicate anymore either.


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