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I am going all the way gray

I am one of those women who started going gray since I was in high school. Actually, some of my hair is a sparkling silver to be exact. I used to freak out and pull a strand here and there that I felt was visible. Being that my hair is jet black, the silver really shines through. I have never colored my hair before and quite frankly can't see myself with any color other than what's natural. I was at a political fundraiser recently when I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady Mrs. Francis Finney (One of her sons is running for Solicitor in 4 surrounding counties). She was there to support her son and had such poise and grace about herself. I had an instant connection with her the minute we started chatting and I fell in love with her silver locks! Then it hit me. I figured it out... I am not going to ever color my hair. I will let it go gray and embrace what I think is natural beauty.

Mrs. Finney's husband, Chief Justice Ernest Finney was just as lovely a person. I was chatting with him and apologizing for my husband AKA the paparazzi! He was as sweet as can be and told me he did not mind being photographed. They are the epitome of how I view myself to be when I am in my golden years!

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  1. I think you will look lovely no matter what color your hair is. I color my hair not to cover the white hairs but to be a redhead.

  2. I agree with you to embrace what age brings, in hair color anyways, I think a person is more beautiful.

  3. You are such a beautiful person inside and out I believe you could go no hair as still be the beautiful person you are

  4. Someone once told me that gray hair is a crown. I was like well I don't want that crown. I have dyed my hair over the years (since I was yoinger) various shades. My own hair is actually reddish brown (thanks to my mother).
    I have not dyed it in months so my natural color is coming back and thankfully after searching intently I have found only one gray hair.

    But I decided to dye it later in the week :)
    Now what color?

  5. It's funny, I really don't see all this grey in your pictures that you refer too! :-) (But I imagine that in person, and in the lighting, it is probably more apparent).

    Fortunately, you have an incredibly youthful, pretty face and can pull off any color. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed in that way. (lol, just being honest)

    I struggle with this myself - on the one hand, my more "superficial" side wants to fight this natural aging process, and dye away the greys. But then I see gorgeous women, in person and on TV (ie, Camille Cosby) with their natural color..... and it looks sooo beautiful.

    So right now i only have a few.... but i guess i'll figure out what's right for me when the time really comes!


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