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May 18, 2010

And why??

Please tell me that someone else out there has a husband that likes to dress like a fool while working out in the yard... Dwayne bought this plaid shirt from a thrift store for $1. He loves this shirt. He's proud to wear it. He says he is doing good for our earth by reusing an article of clothing. Okay, I will give him the shirt.
Now this stack of pants is where I take real issue. Why does one man (a very busy one at that) need to have a minimum of 7 pairs of yard pants? You would think our yard looked like we live in the White House with how many pants and shirts he has that are supposed to be dedicated to yard work. Oh my husband...

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Jase doesn't do yard work but he does have a pair of "house shorts" I would love to burn. Ratty, won't stay zipped, and about to fall off his ass.


  2. LOL. At least he not out in short-shorts and no shirt. Ugh! I have seen some men do this.

  3. My husband wears his work uniform to work in the yard. The uniform that he wears darn near 365 days a year, and 20 hours a day. Granted, he does have several of them...but they are all the same color.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. I like the fact that he has no problem with shopping at a thrift store.

  5. I am with the Insane Writer!

    p.s. Shelly, it's OK for him to wear the shirt as long as he doesn't wear snoop slippers with white socks! LOL

  6. My husbands pants have holes in them. I want to go to the thrift store and get him some overalls, plaid shirt and a straw hat. Sounds like a good fathers day

  7. Smart man, if you ask me.


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