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Summer is near

It dawned on me that school will be over in just two weeks! I have been in planning mode for the past couple weeks. My girls have a pretty busy summer coming up. They have trips, camps, pre-season volleyball training, summer reading and a long list of teenage-related things to do including some family day-trips. I am sure that the time will breeze on by. I am not looking forward so much to the heat of the summer but I will be happy to have my girls around. Does anyone have any big plans for when school is out?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Oh man, Shelly, reading your post is much like my girls' summer. Reading lists, dance classes and volleyball for Madisyn. Taylor - reading list, pre-season conditioning, AAU Nationals, volunteering at the Suwanee Animal Hospital and I have to get her more time studying for the SAT. Myles will be prepping for kindergarten, while he already knows what he needs to know to be successful in kindergarten, I find the state guidelines for readiness are low, so I will be working on what I deem kindergarten readiness. I am planning to make a vacay out of the AAU trip to Orlando and I kinda hope I can find some down time for myself and the kids...I want them to have some lazy, carefree days.

  2. sports, activities, and traveling. that pretty much describes our summers to a 't'!

  3. Oh my head was just spinning reading all the wonderful activities planned for you all's summmer - it will undoubtedly fly by, with all that fun you guys will be having!

    We definitely want to take advantage of the warm weather as well, esp. before the baby arrives. So perhaps a few trips to local beaches, a kiddie amusement park (Rye Playland), and picnicking in Central Park.

  4. We were suppose to take a trip to Disney this year, but we had to cancel. Instead we're going to take several mini vacations in cities that are near us. I'm also enrolling the boys into karate class and the girls into dance. Our library has a summer reading program that we will take advantage of.

    Hugs and Mocha,


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