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Some great guidelines for Facebook

For a lot of us who are frequent "Facebookers" I have taken the time to compile a list of no-no's for Facebook.

* It is not nice to go through other people’s friends list and add them without knowing them. If you are just trying to have a lot of friends, this is not a good way.
* If you invite someone to join your network, site, mafias, farms, etc. or any other interest and they have not responded, this is a good sign they are NOT interested. Frequent invites are annoying and need to stop.
* If you send too many virtual gifts to others, you might get blocked from their stream.
* It is not cool to use a fake name or picture. It can hinder you from people you actually know from adding you.If you go as Mike "Keepin'itPimpin" Johnson and you have a profile pic of Lil Wayne, chances are you will NOT get added.
* Cursing on your status or on someone’s wall. In my book that is almost instant deletion. Keep it clean, you never know who can see it. I have a teenager on FB so I respect her.
* If someone removes you as a friends leave it alone. They had their reasons so don’t be childish sending daily requests and messages asking why you deleted them.
* If you keep your wall closed and do not allow comments on any of your photos, status or notes then why are you on FB is the first place??
* Do not friend strangers just to pitch your business to them. Collecting email addresses from your “friends” is just wrong. I do not want to buy your organic juice, host a party or purchase panties that will make me melt away my fat. Thanks, but no thanks!!
* If you have an issue with someone or have something personal to discuss DO NOT post it on their public wall. Inbox them. There are some things that should never be publicized.
* It might be a good idea to not tag someone in a photo that could cause humiliation or problems for them. I have seen people in provocative photos posted by others. While on the subject of photos, you might want to be careful what you post. Jobs are looking at FB and a lot of people have been terminated over FB. It’s not that important people!

Please, if you have anything to add by all means we want to hear it!!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Too funny. I have no Facebook page. Though I do have means of checking my daughter's page, unto her knowledge. So while reading your post I had to laugh at more than a few of your guidelines (especially concerning Wall comments).

    I can hardly read the teenage style of writing, to be honest.

  2. the best guideline i have for FB is do not sign up on FB ; )

    sorry you know im not a fan ; )

  3. YOu know, I do wonder about people who join do not allow comments. Really what is that about?

    I am still laughing about your first one listed. I'm not sure why that would ever be cool.

  4. This is the best FB guide ever! My box is filled with requests to join the same pages over and over. At times, I just want to shut down my FB account. Everything that you wrote I agree with.

  5. I had to giggle when I read this!

    How about some of these status updates though. It esp. cracks me up when ppl try to use FB to get all deep (ie, "Lisa wonders what it all really means..." "Mark is searching for an answer.") Seriously - if you were really about getting at an "existential" truth, you'd be sitting in the park reading Osho, not hunched over your laptop on your couch at home, posting photos of you and your BFF throwing back shots at "da club."


  6. I will add...
    DO NOT bad talk work, they will find out.
    DO NOT change your relationship status constantly because you and your significant other are fighting, its annoying!
    DO NOT delete your husbands friends because you are not getting along with your husband, and then a week later re-add them... I am done playing your silly games, you are no longer my fb friend

    This was a fun post!

  7. I befriend friends' friends. I am friends with authors and poets, I connect those I see making comments on my friend's page. I have met alot of good poets and we exchange poetry. I have even met some in person at different events.

    I don't get the get as many friends as you can people. Kids do that. And I find it very annoying folks trying to sell me something and get me to sell. Ugh!

  8. Great guidelines! It annoys me SO much when there are OBVIOUS spelling errors! Can you really not see the red wavy line under your words? Hello spell check! Oh and whinnying! I can NOT stand whinnying. Asking for prayers or support is one thing, but whinnying just because? ANNOYING!


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