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Trashing your school is okay?

I was at Chardie's high school waiting in the carpool area (early of course) and was noticing the vast amounts of trash throughout the parking lot. The trash was made up of primarily of food related items and a lot of fast food bags and cups. The part that was most noticeable is how these fast food bags filled with empty wrappers and napkins were perfectly placed alongside the driver or passenger door in the ground. Only several yards away lies a HUGE metal trash can. It sits there empty. Last I checked, high school students range from ages 14-19. You would think that they know better than to do that. Obviously not. What burns me up is the groundskeeper is left to clean up all that trash do by himself. When Dwayne and I were in high school, students that were caught skipping school, cheating on tests, caught fighting or anything that could result in detention or in-school suspension were forced to do the grounds clean-up (work detail) of the school. We even would have to wake up at the crack on a Saturday morning and report to the school for work detail. It was so humiliating and trust me, you opted to stay away from trouble to not have to endure further work detail duty.

I decided to speak with the nice gentleman and asked if they ever have students help with cleaning up the trash. Sadly he said No and that the teachers, staff and administrators did not care about the matter. It seems they only look at graduating numbers to keep the school up on their quota and maintain a "good rating". Hmm, but these soon-to-be adults can't even show some respect and pride for keeping their school looking nice as well as protecting the environment? I was really pissed off to hear that. He says they get detention and they mostly just sleep. So you skip school and your punishment is to sit in a heated or air conditioned classroom and just chill out? That really sucks. It really, really does.

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  1. Seems like schools and places in general just don't take an interest like they did back in the day. Schools had pride and for the most part we obeyed rules. I don't understand kids or parents these days!

  2. I remember in high school when our school designated a day each week for 30 minutes where everyone cleaned up the school, both inside and outside. I don't know if they still do it or not, but I never see any trash on the high school grounds.

  3. It totally sucks but, sadly, the groundskeeper is right. All the administration cares about are the numbers.


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