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My taste has changed

I don't know what has been going on with me lately but I have found that my taste has changed a whole lot. For instance, I have always loved basil. I grow it every year in my mini herb garden. All of a sudden the taste of basil makes me feel like throwing up. Basil has been replaced with cilantro now. I used to despise cilantro. There was something that used to disturb me about the smell and taste of it and now I can't seem to get enough of it. What's up with that?? Also I have never been a big fan of condiments, especially ketchup. Now I want to dip all kinds of things in ketchup. I even buy the biggest bottle I can find. As a kid and well into my adult years I have loved plain M&M's. Now Peanut M&M's are my favorite. The plain ones just don't appeal to me anymore. Isn't that odd? I think my taste changed tremendously when I had William. Has that happened to you before?

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  1. they say your taste changes about every 7yr give or take a year, and after you have a kid it takes 2yrs to get back to normal but what normal used to be,it's not the same.

  2. Pregnancy can change your body chemistry permanently. I never had migraines before I had kids. I had headaches back then but now, post kids, I have eeeevil bad migraines. I suspect an alteration in your body chemistry is what has caused this change in your taste.

  3. My tastes have not changed much but watching my 16 year old has been funny. She used to LOVE macaroni & cheese (homemade of course) she would eat pans and pans of it now she won't touch it! It was all of a sudden too, I made it one Sunday and she says, "Eww, I don't like that"!! We were all like.... WHAT?! SINCE WHEN??!!
    But I HATE cilantro, the taste and smell is so disgusting to me. I like sweet basil.

  4. Maybe you are pregnant, lol. Yes, my taste has changed. I ate a whole lot more candy when I was a teenager; survived on kit kat and coke and lived for dessert when eating out. Now I don't enjoy candy, sweets or sodas that much, but love sweet tea and have been drinking more h2o. It also has to do with having too much of a good thing you get turned off or your taste just mature. I don't enjoy pesto as much now either.

  5. Yes, it has. I use to love pizza. I mean really love it! Now I hate the taste and smell of it. I blame the kids:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. As a kid I ate tuna fish every day for lunch now I can't look at it. ;)

    Taste buds change—I had a few M&Ms today, but really wanted a chocolate kiss!

  7. I go through spurts! I can't pinpoint one thing that I LOVE and have to have no matter what. A few years ago all of this started happening!

  8. My tastes have changed tremendously over the years. Many of the restaurants I used to like when I was longer are inedible to me now.


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