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William update

For those of you who read Momfiles regularly you might recall this post where I talked about joining the local Community Center. One of my big goals was to get William put in babysitting a few times a week to help him socialize with other kids his age and hopefully encourage him to speak. I took him on Friday and stayed in the room with him and watched him stay as far away from the other kids and babysitter. He played independently and occasionally made his way over to me to cling to me. The lady that was on that particular babysitting shift noticed that he was playing nicely alone and asked for me to walk out of the room until she gave me the heads up to return. I watched him from the slim door window and at first I saw him looking around the room for me. The babysitter (older lady) told him, "I'm here William. Let's play ball." From there he was fine, no panic or crying. He still did not quite play with the other kids but he did sit at a table voluntarily with the others. This was a great step for him and I really feel confident about leaving him perhaps starting this week. Even though you can have 2 hours of free babysitting at one time I think I will start out with 20-30 minutes. Honestly, I don't see myself working out for 2 hours! I will update more on how he does once he is completely solo.


  1. What a great step forward for the both of you!!!! just remember go only as fast as you feel comfortable with

  2. Yay for you and William!

  3. Just one step closer to freedom, girl! Just wait! LOL! Very big steps for both of you and I for one am very proud! :)

  4. Jayden chills out by himself too. He loves his friends at our playdates, but sometimes he has to have a moment alone like his mama, lol. I'm happy Willie is on his way to making friends :).


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