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This bread is so Yummy!

I was walking up my front steps last week to find a package sitting at my front door. It was from my cousin Sabina, from Miami. I was not expecting anything so it was a surprise. I opened the box and found some random items including a homemade fruitcake (You haven't had real fruitcake until you have experienced Guyanese style). Another item was this loaf of bread.

I am sure you are thinking "did she say a loaf of bread?" This is not just any loaf of bread, it is Yummy Hardough bread! I have not eaten it since I moved from Miami over 14 years ago. Every West Indian home has it as a staple in their kitchen. We used to call it "hardo bread" as kids. This bread has a special texture that is very smooth, dense and light all at the same time. It has a subtle sweetness that is irresistible. I was happy to get to introduce it to the girls and they loved it just like I thought they would. Out of all the things I have received recently this was the highlight and most appreciated of all! Hey, I'm simple :)


  1. Sounds yummy, but then again I am not sure I can take your word for it... you do like fruitcake you know? I don't know anyone that likes fruitcake. Did you know that 90% of fruitcake given as a gift is thrown away? That's a lot of dumped fruitcake :)

  2. Your cousin is so thoughtful :)

  3. Aww that's sweet! Enjoy every bite of it!

  4. Mmmmmm!!! What a thoughtful surprise from your friend.

    I love fruit cake! Glad to see someone else who enjoys it too - it seems so many people hate on it, you know? lol. TV sitcoms always depict it as the holiday gift that people "regift" and pass around and around, but we are huge fans of fruit cake in my family. Yum, and I just bet Guyanese fruit cake takes it to a whole other level!!!



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