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What ever happened to bar soap?

My father-in-law sent me shopping the other day for bar soap. His one request is he did not want common, everyday Irish Spring or Lever 2000 (aka Man Soap as Dwayne calls it). The FIL prefers his soap to come from Bath & Bodyworks or a boutique type shoppe. He used to buy his soap through Avon and they discontinued it about 2 years ago. I went to Bath & Bodyworks and they only had the "high dollar" variety and they too discontinued the glycerin soaps bars. I searched a few more stores and it was the same story. No bar soap. I finally found some at World Market. I did not realize that specialty soap would be that hard to find! I think we will stick with the normal, affordable and easy-to-find stuff in our home! Personally I think bodywash is way better.


  1. Sounds like you were on a treasure hunt! Glad you finally found the soap. We use both body wash and bar soap.

  2. I swear I can't remember the last time I used bar soap. I do buy it for my 5 year old since his skin is sensitive but I have to agree Body wash is much better lol and to me more sanitary ...I think lol!

  3. We are bodywash lovers over here too. Bar soap gets all squishy and gross after a while.

  4. You are the perfect daughter in law :)


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