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Jan 31, 2010

A Hurricane Willie moment

You see this sweet, innocent face??

Well this is the what he does all day long, everywhere in our house. This is why we call him Hurricane Willie.

I try to teach him to clean up and he likes to destroy even further. When exactly do little boys learn how to clean up??


  1. Never but good luck with that.

  2. Aww, yes. I am aware. Good luck with the lil' Hurricane. My little guy is just...whew. I'm tired. He wears me out. Some days I just can't. He has to go with his father. LOL.

  3. Too funny @ Hurricane Willie.

    Depends on who you ask, I don't think we ever learn to clean up. LOL! Nah, I'd say around kindergarten.

  4. Hurricane Willie! I love it!! They are just so sweet looking, but the messes they can make!
    I had my little one "pick up" his toys, he put them in a basket, the second he was done, he dumped them on the floor all over again LOL

  5. I have a 30 year old husband in which I am still waiting on.....

  6. At that age, we had nicknamed Gabe too. We called him Gabezilla!

  7. I LOVE HIM!!!!

    Such a sweet and innocent face. I think he has been FRAMED! I demand a re-trial. I think Dwayne did it. His chair is in fact in the picture too. How are we sure he's NOT the one doing all of this? LOL

    To answer your question. The age they learn to clean up is the age we start to introduce it to them. I am NOT worried. I know you are on top of it!

    They don't play with toys, they just like to thrash them all over the house. BOYS are so much FUN! :-)

  8. It's not just boys! My daughter who's now five hasn't quit yet. She is in every room leaving a mess behind her.


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