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Traditional or Different?

Well it is that time of year, Thanksgiving. Time for family, friends and feasts. I am a big planner so I have been compiling menu ideas for a few weeks now. I was all set to do some different dishes this year (a little more gourmet). I decided to get some input from the husband and kids and everything they came up with is what we have year after year. They got all worked up because they felt I was going against tradition. They said I did not need to mess up a good thing that is always perfect each year. So there went my fancy gourmet ideas...

Something else I have done for many years is to use actual real dishes and eating utensils. Most of my friends and family would laugh at me and ask if I loved washing dishes. So this has lead me to become a fan of good quality paper plates and flatware. I never thought I would do it but hell, once you eat who really wants to wash a million dishes? I guess I have changed a lot with a growing family and I try to make things a little easier on myself when I can. Having a toddler running around this year really makes me want to go the easy route!

What about you... what are your plans for the holiday? Are you traditional or do you dare to be different? Do you use real dishes or paper plates? Sorry for being so nosey!


  1. I just blogged about being nontraditional so I am going to go with that one. I use paper plates 24/7! We're renting right now and the landlord refuses to fix the dishwasher so screw it.

  2. My mom has always used really nice, thick, quality plastic plates - they are colorful and patterend and look close to real plates. But it's so nice to be able to just toss everything afterward, so i feel you on that one! :-)

    Thankfully, I am eating with my in-laws this year - no cooking for me! I will probably bring over some pies or perhaps me and Chase will make these Turkey Hand Cookies I saw on Noggin (I mean Nick Jr.) the other day. Very cute!

  3. I love tradition, but when you have a young family its hard to stick to. This is so true when it comes to family tradition of visiting families each year... our kids have 4 sets of grandparents.
    And my family still uses our nice flatwear (sp?) on holiday's

  4. We are having Alexis's best friend and her Grandparents(they have full custody) over for dinner we enjoy them very much so looking very forward to it

  5. I haven't partaken in the actual cooking of a Thanksgiving Day since '05, when my ex and I ended our relationship shortly afterwards. Then, we used plates and silverware.

    Since, I attend family gatherings and I will testify to how they use paper plates and platic forks as if they don't have any dishes! LOL. Seriously ... with everyone wanting a plate I think they almost have to use these type of supplies.


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