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Nov 19, 2009

Allergy shots

Our daughter Briahnna has been suffering from headaches for years now and has gone through many doctor visits (including 3 Cat scans) to finally come to the conclusion that it is all sinus allergy related. It was recommended by our ENT Specialist that she gets a weekly allergy shot. As a mom I was not sure if that was what we wanted to do. I insisted that we try her on a different round of allergy meds and see how she did with it for 90 days. It worked very well for about 2 weeks and then the headaches were back. There is nothing worse than seeing your kid in pain and no matter what you give her she is not improving. We finally broke down and agreed to the shot. The alternative would be surgery and the doc says he really does not want to go that route. We started the first shot last week and we are not sure if it is really happening or just in her mind but it seems to have calmed the headaches down a little bit. The doc says that it generally takes 3-6 months to see improvement (they have to give you a longer time frame) and some people have been known to see a major difference within 30 days. I am really hoping we are one of those lucky ones. The great thing about the shot is even though it seems a pain to get it once a week, the office is close to home and it take a few minutes and you are in and out of the office with no wait or appointment. I will keep you all posted on her progress.

If anyone has had the allergy shot please feel free to share anything you think we might need to know. So far we have only heard positive things.


  1. I've never had allergy shots but, I remember taking Danyelle to the allergist to have them prick and prick at her skin to try and figure out what she was allergic to. I hope your baby girl gets better with this line of treatment and that she won't have to get surgery.

  2. I have suffered with allergy sinus headaches since I was in Junior High School. My docs never offered me the shot, so I lived with it for years. Finally I found that Saline Spray and Excedrin do the trick for me. Cheap, easy, and effective.

    Good luck with the shot. I hope it works. I know how bad the headaches can impact your everyday life...


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