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Vent Day Wednesday

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We hope you enjoy it and please be sure to leave a comment telling us your vents.



  1. Pascha Dudley11/18/2009 10:38 AM

    Hahahah, any reference to crack is not cute and inappropriate. WIlliam was DEFINITELY the star of this week's vent Wednesday (lil pooh pooh). I have the same gripe about dudes flossin' in their girls or mother's rides. They will have the driver seat all the way pushed back into the back seat trying to look all hard an then have the Delta or AKA license plate border on the back of the car, lol! Did Dwayne loose a little weight? He looks a little joke., how about solid?

  2. Athletic Build, The Flowerely Lei
    and my all time favorite:
    The crackhead union! I am done! LOL

  3. LMFAO! Was shopping for my sons pants today and could hardly find any Slim ones. They were all 8H, 10H etc. HUSKY! It's alive and well!

    Gotta love the white gangsta trying to pimp in his moms minivan! That happens a LOT in the hickville where I live.

  4. ROFL...I lost it when Dwayne started talking about the crackhead union.

    If i had come by earlier today, I would have had a vent about Gabe and the potty but HE FINALLY COOPERATED AND USED THE POTTY! Woooohooooooooooooo


  6. you guys are hilarious! it's weird cause I have a pink lei on my rear view mirror AND a pink sticker on my back windshield =) the guy I was dating tried to get me to take the lei down when he'd drive, but I told him there was no point the pink sticker would still give him away! haha.

    here's MY vent: how come parents can't call other parents to ask them if their kid can spend the night at your house? Why does the kid call and ask, and then when they get here you find out their parents are going camping for the weekend! um. I wouldn't have minded if you had just called and asked if they could stay the weekend while you go camping instead of finding out through your kid! can someone just let their kid spend the night at someone elses house and then not even call to check on them the 2nd night that they END UP STAYING? My 11yr olds friend will ask to spend the night and end up stayin the whole weekend without either parent calling to check on them or even to make sure it's ok that they're spending another night. it's crazy!

  7. ROTFL I'm sure I've been guilty of eating some sort of crack.


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