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Vent Day Wednesday

Now don't be mad at us. We are taking a break this week from Vent Day. It's been a hectic week so we are trying to not get too overwhelmed with everything. We promise to be back next week.

Believe me, there are a lot of things things to vent about dealing with your boy "Ismail the Great" aka "The black Archie Bunker". You can still leave us your vents in the comments and feel free to watch the VDW archives. We will see you next week!!


  1. Enjoy your break!

    I look forward to next week's VDW :)

  2. Breaks are good. I cannot wait to see the next installment of Vent Day Wednesday!

  3. I ain't mad at cha, got nuttin but love for ya.
    Do your thing, girl... I am bored alright. Presley is FINALLY falling asleep, and not in my arms.
    I am going to vent about my busy day, and the Surprise party I am throwing for my mom. My brother is not helping with one thing. And when I had to open his invitation for him today, he about freaked because he has to bring something and contribute $5 for the rental fee of the building... ha what a sweet brother! Jaimen hasn't been in daycare all week because babysitters hubby got swine flu, therefore I haven't been to work all week, and am running around like crazy for this party with 2 kids,one in car seat and on boob. This is not easy. I'm done with hosting parties for a while.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  4. huuummm, The black Archie Bunker.. That is a very scary thought!


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