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Sesame Street Live! Elmo's Green Thumb

My family was offered 5 tickets to go see the show Sesame Street Live- Elmo's Green Thumb. Even though the girls are teenagers they were thrilled to get to see their little brother go to this show. I think all of us were living out our childhood dreams to be honest!

Part of the offer was a meet and greet with a couple of the actual characters. We were fortunate to meet the world famous Cookie Monster along with the adorable Zoey!! This was truly a rare treat and we had one of our amazing hosts take a family photo. Little William was a bit nervous but then again he is still pretty young.

Of course we had our big guy that was thrilled to bits to get a photo op with Cookie Monster! He pulled me aside and asked if I thought they would let him take a solo shot with him. Imagine my big cookie monster with the real-life one! In true Dwayne form he just had to throw up the peace sign since he was posing with a really cool celebrity.

As we walked into the Colonial Life Arena we took in the sights of this huge venue and had to walk down what felt like 200 steps to get to the floor seats. The big treat is that we got to sit in the third row away from the actual stage. I have never sat that close at any show so we really had the best view! When the show started we were told to get ready because it was going to get amped up really fast. That was no lie. The action was astonishing! The set, the lights, the music, singing, dancing and the overall mood was amazing!!

I took a moment to look at the crowd of moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, children and friends and it was so fun seeing all the smiling faces! I saw grown men singing the songs and swaying back and forth to the music. We were in awe of how awesome the choreography was. These characters had mad rhythm!!! It was neat how the some of the characters interacted with the crowd.

The show was so impressive and I loved how a lot of familiar songs that were made over into pre-school friendly songs. I was really shocked to see how much my teenage daughters were drawn into the show. They can't wait for the next one that comes to town!

I know I will be taking William to another Sesame Street Live production when he is a couple years older so that he can better understand what is going on. I certainly recommend this show for families when it comes to your city. I am not sure who loved it more...the adults or the little ones!!
*Special thanks goes out to Ms. Katrina Gilliam for making this fun family night out possible!


  1. Oh my gosh! So much fun! I'm glad ya'll had such a great time and everyone enjoyed themselves!

  2. Oh how cool! I took Gabe to Dora Live and I am sure Sesame Street Live was 1000 times better! Lucky you.

  3. We loved Sesame Street live last year. I missed out on purchasing tickets this year but I know it is a great time. Look at Dwayne, he is too funny!

  4. No time spent better than family time spent togther and this show looked awesome so glad ya'll got to go


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