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No Vent Day today

I am so sorry for all the Vent Day Wednesday followers that we will not have a video this week. The star of the show is under the weather and is taking some time out to chat with the infamous WBC's. He also has his swine flu towel (the stolen hotel variety) in hand to avoid spreading his germs. Feel free to watch an archived video of 'Ismail the Great' acting a fool! I hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. OH NO! I hope he feels better soon and nobody else gets sick! We do the towel thing around here, too. I hate it when the kids are coughing all over the place *shudders* so I give them a towel to cough into.

  2. Awe man, I was seriously looking forward to Vent Day.

    Hope he feels better soon, tell him to hurry it up I need a Vent Day:)

  3. Sorry to hear hubby's not feeling well, send him my blessings on a speedy recovery :-)

  4. Forgetting for a sec that we had a long weekend I thought yesterday was Wed...LOL!! Really though, I hope hubby feels better & I am here banging with a sign saying I want vent day, I want vent day LOL!! Again hoping the great one feels better....Sasha :)


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