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Social Networking and teens

It's many of us are on these networks. I am on so many I have lost count. Social Networking is a growing trend and even kids and teenagers are a part of it. Dwayne and I let our daughters each get a FaceBook account to keep in touch with friends and family. It's been really good especially for our older daughter since she started high school and most of her friends attend different schools. I wish we had these types of services in my school days! Now all of this comes with a list of rules. We approve all photos before they are uploaded. I have seen some photos that teens post and it is appalling! Friends can only tag photos we approve of. No IMing. You must ask permission to go on and you have a set time. They have ONE time to mess up and poof! It's deleted. Not on hold or you can't use it for 2 weeks. DE-LETED.

So far they have been following the rules and have had no problems. Some people may think we are a bit overboard and really we don't care. We want our children to be a part of all the technology we have but it comes with limits and we care about their safety.

How about you allow your kids to partake in any social networking? Do you have any special rules or guidelines you want to share?


  1. We, shall I say "I", have been adamant about not allowing our two oldest to have facebook/myspace. However, they both have laptops, email accounts and cellphones which are monitored. They are not allowed on Youtube unless monitored. They are in 8th and 7th grade. My children are very saavy and knowledgeable when it comes to technology but I have been hesistant with facebook. I feel like it opens them up to areas of which I am not ready for them to deal with. What were your initial apprehensions to the social netowrks for your children?

  2. Well I was totally against it in the beginning but then we figured if we have the login/password and do spot-checks then we should not have a problem. We live in a smaller city and know most of our children's friends and their most of them are on my friend's list as well. I guess I am trying to stay up on the going's on of the online world since it is not going anywhere. I would prefer to allow my kids to have a facebook instead of them secretly having one as I see many teens doing. Thanks for your feedback Omeisha!

  3. My daughter is 10 and has her own laptop but it has the tightest parental restrictions on it. She has asked if she could have a FB but I think she is to young. I will let her have one in another year or so but I totally agree with you having rules for using social networking sites. There are just way to many loonies out there not to have rules.

  4. Nae (12) has a myspace page but not a facebook page. Not for any specific reason, other then she hasn't asked for a FB account. I do have all of her account information. She also knows that if she messes up, she is DONE! We will NOT tolerate any inapproperiate content on her page. She kn ows our rules and has followed them. Thank goddess!

  5. My son is obviously too young but by the time he is old enough who knows what will be in store. Technology is moving faster than the speed of light!


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