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Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We know that we have not posted a video in a while so for all of you that emailed about not getting your VDW fix here you go...Be sure to hit us up in the comments section with your vents!



  1. Whats up??? do da da do...

    I'm going to vent about my brother hanging out with a group of my old friends, one of whom ruined my entire reputation to the rest by making up a lie. They were all stupid enough to believe her obviously. And then he hangs out with her???? Whats up with that? I would never hang out with, or at least pose in a photo with someone whom hurt him that way :( I'm pissed!

    Oh and you guys and your 'baby quilts' crack me up!
    Oh and I am GLAD vent day is back, and so is Presley

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Both Vic and I appreciate it. I lost it when you described yourself as a bumblebee.

    I was also rolling at the description of wringing out the "baby quilt" wash cloth. Marty once got covered in red dye from a tie-dyed t-shirt that hadn't been rinsed out.

  3. LOL!!! Omg, i loved this!!!! How hysterical!!! Now i have to go back and watch your other Vent Day Wednesday Videos!!!! :-) Ure hubby is such a good sport to be so involved in ure blog!

  4. LOLOLOL! OMG you 2 had me and my husband rolling! I love you guys.
    The funniest was with the washclothes my hubby was almost in tears from laughing so hard because the same thing happened to him too with a brown washcloth lol.
    Thanks so much for the shoutout and keep the videos coming we love them.

    Your bloggy buddy

  5. How did I miss this Vent Wednesday?! ACK! Thanks for the reminder on facebook.

    I was cracking up from the baby quilts all the way through. Thanks for the shout out. I agree, Dwayne, "Beautiful Mess" is A LOT like "cold as hell". Me and hell go hand in hand ;o)
    P.S. I'm glad I watched this today because I am in a PISSY mood. No reason, just cuz. But I got to laugh so I am good to go now. Thanks!

  6. Thank you once again for the ab workout! This was so quilt! LOVE IT! I have some baby quilt wash cloths...I quite like them...I don't see the problem. I am feeling you on those school fees too! I mean...Dayum! Always a pleasure to watch your videos!


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