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William and his firetruck

We got William his first ride-on toy. I have actually been shopping around for one for a while now and it seems that these particular toys are hard to come by for boys (decently priced that is). I can find every princess, Dora, Barbie and all things girlie but finally found this one! Will really doesn't quite understand what he is supposed to do with it. He likes to push it all over the house!

He was being silly and leaning backwards and loving it! He is such a boy :)

Gee, hope Dwayne doesn't get mad that I am showing the brand and cutting into his endorsement money!!


  1. I had the same problem with finding a ride on toy for my son. We went with something similar to what you got. Glad he likes it though! Soon it'll be covered in mud and well loved.

  2. He is sooooo cute! LOVE his smile!!!

    The first stage for them is pushing the toys all over the house, he won't get the hang of sitting on it and moving along until he's a bit older. Pushing it all over the house is perfect at this stage.

    Oh and yeah, better blur out the brand on that toy my brother wants his endorsement money! You know this maaaaan :) LOL

  3. Sooooo cute! He looks like he is having a ball!


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