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When does your baby officially become a toddler? I get some emails that refer to William's age as toddler and others as baby. Is it once they start to walk? I always thought it was 2 years of age. What do you think?


  1. I always thought around 18 months.

  2. I always thought around 2-ish, little before 2. But he'll always be your baby!

  3. I juggle with this too, sometimes we call him a toddler - when he's being a big boy and a baby when he's being...a baby, lol!

  4. infant 0-5 mos
    baby 6-12 mos,
    toddler 13-23 mos,
    24 mos-48 mos,
    49 months and up--Able to wipe their own ass effectively.

  5. oh and i forgot to mention, sometimes the cycle repeats itself once they reach adulthood and act like grown babies and you have to wipe their mouths, pick out their clothes all over again.

    I'm just sayin.....


  6. I've got to say it's when they walk. It's hard to call someone who walks a baby. (of course, he will always be YOUR baby)

  7. I like to think of them as always being babies, but I would really say I thought of Jaimen as a toddler when he started walking. Sad sad news when they are now called toddlers, and not babies anymore.
    Jaimen will always be my baby, I have already told him that I will rock him and hold him when he's 15 :)

  8. I absolutely love Tanyetta.
    I am living with a 46 month old and according to Tanyetta, I may finally be able to stop going in there to wipe his little shitty azz. I totally doubt it though, doesn't look like it's in my future for a while.

  9. Oh and for the record they are forever our babies! LOL!!!


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