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This really scares us

The girls were going through some old games and toys the other day and they put everything in my upstairs office so we can store them in the empty closet. I still can't understand why they keep some of this stuff. They claim they are sentimental. I told them they were 12 & 14 and don't even play with those things. They finally admitted to me that they keep it for if they need it in another 10-15 years. huh?? They spelled it out for me...for if they have their own children. They said it makes no sense to spend money on things that are in great condition. Okay, I'll give them that.

Now when you are walking around the corner and you see this, it would scare you every time....

It's a Barbie styling head. They have had that thing for years and have even given her haircuts (really bad ones). It was laying on its side on the floor the other day and William walked in the room and looked down. All you heard was screams of sheer terror! He was frozen in his tracks and was completely petrified. You should have seen him. I felt sorry for him and tried to control myself from laughing because it was funny at the same time! We plan to put it away since the girls won't let her go. After a while Dwayne might charge the girls storage fees. You know how the man loves making money!


  1. That head is hilarious and your girls are very forward thinking!

  2. Poor little William but< omg, that is funny!

  3. I'm cracking up about William. Poor kid! We had one of those heads and I don't blame him one bit for screaming. They are SCARY!
    You're girls sure know how to think ahead. Good for them, bad for your storage bill ;o)

  4. Poor William! I would SCREAM from terror too! That barbie is doing too much. LOL

  5. I always wanted a barbie head when I was little. :-)

  6. Frugal mama's in the making! I can imagine William's reaction to the Barbie head, omg, wish I was there, lol!

    P.S. I still have some of my toys ;-).


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