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Jun 21, 2009

New Books, Low cost

We purchased William some new books over the weekend since shows so much interest in them over toys. I really don't know what it is but he really does not ever play with toys unless they belong to the dog. We found these fantastic board books that retailed around $10-$12 per book for a only a few dollars each. They are very brightly colored and larger than normal books for the birth-3 years of age. He just loves them.
This kid is so smart that he has a favorite book called Kitty Up! If you ask him where Kitty Up is he will find it underneath other books and say "up!" It's just the cutest thing. I love to read to William especially when I catch him glancing over at my face to watch my expressions. I get all into it to keep him interested. He will look at me at the exact same sentence every time I read a particular book.

The great part about his new books is that he won't be able to destroy them very easily like books with actual paper pages. Let's just say we have had a few casualties along the way! Don't let that innocent face fool ya!



  1. Nice books. I am a HUGE fan of board books for the little ones. They saved my sanity.

  2. Jaimen has books just like that, we got from Costco. He still loves them! And we don't let Jaimen read the paper books by himself just yet, I pay to much for the pages to get ripped.

    I love the 'innocent' face, are they ever innocent anymore?

  3. Look at those smoochy lips! I'm going to have to look for those books. Greg's been playing baby learning video on Youtube to boogie. He's starting to take an interest in learning and imitating. I hide the books because I want them to LAST, lol.


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