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Mar 24, 2009

South Carolina Junior Scholar- Chardonnay Ismail

Yesterday evening was an exceptional one. Our family went to see our daughter accept an award for being a South Carolina Junior Scholar. She scored very high on the PSAT and is in the top 2% of our state for academics. Is was just awesome seeing all of those intelligent young people there being honored for their achievement. They are our future physicians, scientists, engineers, chefs, and the sky's the limit! Each student received an official award along with a pin.

Look at my grown up looking girl!
I actually got in a photo this time! I am always the one taking them.

This is Chardie with one of our local news anchors Stewart Moore of WIS news. He was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. Chardie threatened to take his job! Her dream is to be a news anchor locally and then for CNN. The photo came out bad because someone I know had the camera. I guess you can't take extra time to adjust the camera settings while you have a local celeb waiting so I will give him a break this time.

We are so proud of Chardonnay and we know she will go far in life :)



  1. Huge congrats to Chardonnay! Y'all must be so proud. You two look so much alike.

  2. Congratulations to Chardonnay and you. If not for parents pushing and being there for our children they would not succeed. I like the new blog design. I almost thought I was on the wrong blog. *lol*

  3. Congrats Chardonnay. She is such a beautiful young lady. You both must be so proud.

  4. Congrats Chardonnay you are so incredibly beautiful and smart there is no doubt you will go far in thisworld and excell in anything and everything you do!!! Shelly and Dwayne (yes even you Dwayne with your no picture taking self)deserve all the kudos in the world for bringing up such an exceptional child, because without ya'll she couldnt reach her ambitions!!

  5. I dont know if my comment made it or not

  6. Congrats Chardonnay! You are going places! You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments. You're an OUTSTANDING young lady with a humble heart being raised by beautiful and dedicated parents.


  7. You all must be so proud of your daughter! Just bursting at the seams! Keep up the good work Chardonnay!

  8. Congratulations to her. Wishing her all the best.

  9. Congratulations Chardonnay! What a wonderful student you are. I know that you will not only achieve but exceed all of your dreams!

  10. Aww Chardie there you go making me cry again with your great achievements *blows nose in tissue*

    Shelly, love the new look. As you can see you can't count on me to design anything right now(brain overload), so glad to see you guys work your magic with the logo!

  11. Are you guys twins?!

    Congratulations Chardonnay!


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