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Vent Day Wednesday

Well it's Vent Day Wednesday today. Enjoy the video and don't forget to hit us up in the comments to tell us your vents.



  1. OMG y'all are too funny! I think instead of buying him brotha drinks, you should get him the weirdest named drinks you can find...LOL

  2. I could live with that man...he makes every wednesday brighter and thank goodness for you he stays a "little" bit under control. I have to admit i love the theme music. I caught my head moving a little bit. all my CSI cracked me the he** up, a parting a gift...You do need saome prayer. i dont know how you do it!

  3. Ya'll are cracking me up! Thank you for making my Wednesday morning.

    I agree, it's NOT (the sign and pajamas) stealing. They were going to trash the stuff anyway! LOL

    The theme music is a nice touch!!

  4. You two are hilarious!!You made my day, I just wish I would have watched it this morning, instead of when my work day is done.

    Its okay Shelly I am a bit of a thief too, or not a thief, you know what I mean.
    And I respect that he can "appreciates" a brotha drink, whatever that is.

  5. Did he say black Archie Bunker??? and love love the theme music

  6. Technically she didn't steal it, they were gonna throw it away anyways.

    Wanna vent about being sick. Got The Man well now I am sick.

  7. Why can't you guys be my next door neighbors?! Umm, the sign was NOT stolen, the PJ pants were. Sorry Dwayne... just truth! If it's stamped "property of... " and the words after that ARE NOT your name... umm, they're not yours. Just sayin.


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