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Mar 30, 2009

Brotha Drinks

Here goes Papo with one of his official "Brotha" drinks. Pineapple is one of his favorites. Notice how he has the brand covered up? You know he needs some endorsement money if he shows that!! What are we going to do with him?


  1. Ok havent laughed in like 2 days and have to admit this is funny! Knowing him he will probably recieve some endorsement money eventually. Have a great day

  2. I am with u Dwayne. Pineapple is my favorite also. When I was pregnant with The Man I had to have a Fanta Pineapple and some Chester's Hot Fries almost everyday.

  3. If I like pineapple also does that make me a brotha?

  4. He cracks me up... as always. But wait, does this endorsement thing work?! Fill us in!

  5. That's right and add the lil debbie cakes up in that photo too!

  6. Hey, I'm with him all the way on product placement! LOL! I remember the Little Debbie incident! Has the check come?


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