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Dec 8, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

Well, not much to talk about for the weekend. We have been sharing a cold for a few days now. What a close family huh? William seems to be handling it better than I expected and Dwayne and I are about over it. Briahnna is getting her share so she stayed home from school today. Chardie went to school but we will see what happens this week. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I will hopefully have more to say tomorrow. I must go tend to my sick children.


  1. Goodness. I hope you all get better soon.

  2. Hope ya'll feel better real soon, glad williams is doing ok with it poor baby things like that always seem worse the younger they are.

  3. No!!!!! Colds......the gift that keeps on giving :(

    Hope it passes soon!

  4. I hope that everyone feels better!

  5. Ugh I feel for ya. I too have a crappy cold. I finally got the dr to call in a Z-pack for me. Since I am pregnant, you know, I can take nothing, not even nose drops.

    Good luck, hope the rest of the family gets over it quickly!


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