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Dec 18, 2008

It's baby proofing time

I can't believe it. The time is here... Time to baby proof our home. William has gotten so big and is now rolling all over the house in his walker. He grab everything is sight! He likes to pull on doorknobs and drawers. No more leaving little things around anywhere we want. This is a whole lifestyle change for my family. The girls are having to rearrange things to accommodate the wild child. The boy is fast as lightening too so I can't take my eyes off of him for even a minute. Dwayne and I watched him this morning as he curiously looked at a cord plugged into an outlet. I guess my real mommy work is about to get started!

Does anyone have any suggestions on things to look out for? I never baby proofed with the girls simply because they were very calm. I feel like a first time parent here. I'm happy for any advice anyone wants to share. Thanks!


  1. Anything that can be pulled off or down , a table runner, a cup of coffee ect. Anything that the girls even remotely care about, cause you know if he gets something of thiers.....

  2. Funny you should mention this. I received an email from allegro medical this morning regarding baby proofing. Thought I'd forward it to you.

    By the way I never did any of those. I wonder how my kids are still walking around. LOL

  3. Couple suggestions
    1. get on the floor and look around their level.

    2. furniture that hold cd's/dvd's or nick nacks can be pulled or climbed on. Our son has pulled the doors of one of ours a number of times. I am grateful my DH screwed this piece to the wall or it might just be on top of my son.

    I have also heard of toddlers climbing onto the entertainment center and having the TV fall on them.

    Just thought I'd give you something to freak out about. I got pretty lucky, mine didn't start climbing things like the chairs to the stool to the counter, or his dresser to the tallest drawer, until now.

    Good luck...

  4. Jayden LOVES cords and strings of any kind - remove them from Willie's reach! We watched Jay got for an outlet with no plug in it so you might wanna get some of those outlet covers. Anything sparkly and dangling from his eye level is what he'll go for. Cellphones! Anything that can topple over. And whatever everyone else said!

    Jayden in a walker, oh boy I don't wanna think about it. He's staying in the exersauser!

  5. My advice HIDE EVERYTHING! My son will be a year next week and he gets into everything, cabinets, closets, drawers. He just learned how to climb onto the kitchen chair. I have a 3 year old daughter and she was never this active/curious. Good luck.
    It's fun though.

  6. You just had me thinking. I don't remember really baby-proofing. My grandma who watched my daughter did not baby-proof. We did not have problems. Maybe its an old school thing. LOL. Things sure have changed in 18 years.


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