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Dec 17, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...
  • Dwayne is in charge of the getting the fire going and the house smells like a barbecue pit. Dwayne honey, you were born and raised in Miami, Florida. You are not a fireologist.
  • you receive a re-gifted gift that you know was a re-gift. Just not cool.
  • people treat you like hell all year and then want to be nice because it's the holiday season.
  • you string your lights on the tree and when you are ready to do the tree lighting for the family you have big gaps of unlit lights.

that's all I have for now but I am sure Dwayne will do something dumb and I will be back. Now it your turn to gripe. Hit us up in the comments!



  1. 1. at least you trust him to start a fire, there is no way in hell chris would be allowed any where near the fire place.

    2.take that wonderful re gift wrap it beautifully in exspensive paper and ribbons and present it to the regifter as a birthday/ christmas present next year and get the camera ready to take the pic as they open it.... hehehehe in Texas everybody is everybody friend its crazy averybody waves says hello

    4. how about a prelit tree that when you plug it in..... not one damn light on the entire tree lights up

  2. HATE it when your child's dad family know dang on well he just got a bike for his b-day in August and want to call themselves doing something and buy him a new bike for x-mas. NOTHING is wrong with the one he had idiots.

    hate it when your child's christmas program at school is tomorrow and your office calls an mandatory meeting AT THE SAME FREAKING TIME.

  3. For our wedding we received a re-gift. How did we know? 1. it was from our friends whom just got married a few months earlier. 2. it was full of dust. 3. the box was not in 'just purchased' condition.
    Seriously if your going to re-gift make sure you dust off the box before wrapping it.

    I hate it when I have to look at the tree every day and be unhappy about the way I decorated it because I was tired and in a hurry while doing it. So therefore I yank things off of it, and make it look even stupider. Is that a word?

  4. That is precisely the reason I string the lights while they are plugged in. Tree has to be perfect, no gaps, will drive me CRAZY everyday.

    Okay, want a don'tcha hate it when that WAY TOO CLEARLY shows my OCD?...

    Don'tcha hate it when presents come in the mail for the kids from relatives but I can't put them under the tree until I rewrap them, because the wrapping paper doesn't match MY wrapping paper and therefore they cannot live harmoniously under the tree together until they all match?

    Umm, maybe I shouldn't have said that one out loud.

  5. I am cracking up at Katie because I don't have that problem! LOL
    Don'tcha just hate it when the house looks like a tornado hit it and you only have two days to get it together and pack before leaving for the holidays.

    Hmm, perhaps I need to have Katie's problem!

  6. "people treat you like hell all year and then want to be nice because it's the holiday season."

    I agree. My old supervisor would give us gifts,I believe out of guilt and then treat us like crap the rest of the year. LOL.


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