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Someone is 7 months old already

Our baby is another month old. This is such a fun time for William. He loves to play, he can sit up (with the occasional flop over!), he recognizes the people that are around him most and he has started saying his first word. Do I even have to say what that might be?? You guessed's "Da Da". I'm only the one that is ALWAYS with him, feeding, bathing, teaching, washing clothes, cleaning messy faces, changing diapers, rocking, singing, carrying him around (he weighs 22 pounds) and all of the other mommy stuff I do. Of course he would say Da Da. It is just the thing babies do. Whenever daddy walks through the door William squeals with excitement, laughing and smiling. He opens his arms and leans towards his dad waiting to be picked up. I tried to capture some video footage of the boy saying Da Da but naturally the minute he sees the camera, he stops.

A funny thing about the boy too is that he likes to be called Willie. His sisters started that one and now we all call him that, ha! Any time he gets fussy we start counting and reciting the alphabet. He LOVES it and responds as if he can say it himself! I really think it is because we did it while he was in the womb. His sister Chardie speaks Spanish to him and he gets such a kick out of it! Hey, it's never too early to learn or to teach! Here are a couple more photos of our big boy


  1. He is truly a big boy! And too cute. My son said Dada first too. But don't take it personal it is easier for them to say than momma. At least that is what I convinced myself!

  2. He is growing up so fast! Ummmm yeah, we're the ones with them all day and they say DaDa first. Imma think long and hard to see how I feel about this one. I guess it's not much we can do huh? LOL

  3. awesome pics, happy 7 months my favorite is dwayne and william

  4. WOW! 22 lbs. He has gotten so big.

  5. He is so cute, and big! I love this age, they are not too babyish, yet they are still sweet babies.


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