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Oct 22, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when.... Wordless Wednesday

I really don't have anything that is bothering me at the moment except I hate it when this little muffin keeps doing too much too soon. He is not staying a baby long enough :( Feel free to post your gripes anyway! I love reading what you have to say.

**Dwayne: Oh, I got something to say- (FELLAS) Don'tcha hate it when you are walking in the mall with your child, and the females come up to you and start talking , and the wife thinks you are doing something to make the women come over. For instance, William and I were in the store last weekend in the boy's section while Shell and the girls were in the Juniors' section. This store employee comes over and starts talking about how William is soooo cute. William grabs the woman's finger and is just smiling away. I try to get William to let go, then he starts whipping that killer smile (with a little laughter mixed in) on the lady, she melts, and her man (behind the counter) is looking at me like I'm trying to holla at her. Then William lets go and the lady walks off all looking back, sashaying her big butt around, now her man wants to mean mug me, and I'm like dude that's your problem. Then Shelly and the girls walk up looking at me like I'm using William as a chick magnet. Shell and the girls are like mmm hmm! So I'm like What!? I try to explain and then Shell and the girls look at William and he is like DA DA DA DA, so he is trying act like he has no idea of we're talking about. When Shell and the girls walk off, William looks at me and laughs. I'm like playa that was foul, and he just laughs. Man I hate that ! Peace


  1. LOL!

    @ Sheliza: yes, they do grow up too fast! Wasn't he just born 3 months ago!?!?!??!

    @ Dwayne: Why did you notice the sashaying and booty and the looking back? I'm just saying! Or was it pointed out to you by the ladies who ganged up on you afterwards?

  2. I love the photo of William is growing up quickly.

    And Dwayne - you are funny! Sounds like a likely story. Ha.

  3. Dwayne, you're hillarious, love it... and yep, William is ur new wing man I guess.

    Sheliza, I got ur email and was able to look at it briefly, but then accidentally deleted it. Yep, crazy at home, and hard to blog when I get like that... feel free to email me again so I have your email address?

  4. i love it when mine call me like that and i really wish i could find some PJs like that

  5. He is growing up so fast. I love that sleeper on Will. It looks so comfy and soft.

    That story was WEAK.

    Imma need you NOT to notice NOBODY"S booty but Shell's. That is all. THanks. :)

  6. That little pookie poo of yours is adorable!!!!!!

  7. They most certaintly do grow up fast.

    @ Dewayne, it can also work the other way around, guys may talk to the little guy to talk to mommy.

  8. He is absolutely adorable. No wonder women come up to him at the store! I just want to cover him with kisses (not Dwayne!).

    I have a little boy who will be 7 months old next week too. It is amazing and bittersweet how fast they grow up. It's like he's now a little boy with his own charm and personality and not an infant anymore.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to read Renee's interview.


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