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Sep 25, 2008

whining and see ya laters

I had to drop Briahnna off this morning for her to go on her very first out-of-town overnight field study for school. She is going to Camp Greenville and will return tomorrow afternoon. I miss her already. She has been sneaking text messages to let me know what all is going on. They are not allowed any electronic devices since the purpose of this trip is for team building and getting to know your classmates. I gave her permission to sneak me, Papo or big sis a text when she could. (I know bad, rule breaking mommy) When I was seeing her off I gave her a big kiss and hug and told her to remember my 150 rules and be respectful and before I could finish saying all I needed she was on the bus. What a brat! Chardie went on this same trip when she was in the 6th grade and her life changed forever because of it. I hope Briahnna feels that way.
Now as for the littlest member of the family, he has learned how to whine. I don't like it one bit. I get enough of that from the hubby and now I get a double dose. What did I do to deserve this?!!
I hope everyone has an awesome day!


  1. laughing yes but for baby its still somewhat cute when he whines, but when the hubby goes to whinning its like nails on a chalkboard

  2. I have all grown men (well almost) in the house... and they're all currently mad at me and whining about it... does that say something about me if they're all mad at me at once?


  3. she can sneak a text to me too! :)

    as far as the whining, me no likey!

    oh wait...he's whining because he misses big sister!

  4. Sounds like my two when it comes to saying bye when they leave for the weekends and I am giving them the don't forget talk and they say . . .yeah yeah mommy we know and run out the door.

  5. This is so exciting and yes, life changing as well. I hope she gets to experience all that she's hoping for!!

    Where does the time go? Our little ones are not little ones anymore.

  6. Hope Brianna had a good time. Before you know it william will be hopping on the bus too, so you better enjoy the whining while it lasts:)

  7. Whining is a fine art that must be cultivated. *shields head and runs away*...


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