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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...
  • you grab a doorknob and it's sticky or greasy and as always, nobody did it.
  • you are trying to help your hubby by getting him ready for work (making coffee, breakfast, ironing clothing, and packing lunch) and he is mad at you for making him get up. Hello?? Hot coffee and breakfast?!!!
  • you finally finished cleaning the house and then the family comes home. If you are a SAHM you know exactly what I mean.
  • When your wife puts you on blast and put all your business out in the aura ( Dwayne )
  • When you make a post and you get 1 comment, but your wife makes a post and gets 15 million comments ( Dwayne- PS- thanks Katie for commenting on my post :))
  • you are reminded of why you can't stand going to WalMart because you get hit up to buy something before you make it into the actual store.

Now it's your turn, hit us up in the comments...



  1. this goes hand in hand with wife puts you on blast-we have nextell phones in all there push to talk glory-my husband will wait till I am in a public place and or at a function and beep me and come accross loud and clear-hows your diareah or,did you get that femine itch cream you needed

  2. ...and my comment was to complain about replacing dontcha hate it day!

    ...when ur spose to complain, and can't think of anything??

    I'll be back.

  3. ....Or when you send someone tothe store WITH a list and they still call asking what was needed.

    ....that it takes $50 to fill-up a 97 Honda. Gosh!! It only took $20 when I first got the car(mind you it was two years ago)

  4. k, i'm back, got one that happened today.

    ...dontcha hate it when you go downstairs at work to buy breakfast in the cafeteria and when u get back upstairs u see someone in the next department over brought in some bagels... and no one sent out an email to share?


  5. oh, and my bmw takes $100 to fill up... seriously thinking of trading in...


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