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New phone plastic

Please tell me why my hubby wants to keep the protective plastic that comes on a new cellphone?! He is one of those people that likes to keep all the stickers and labels on all things new. Does he not realize that the plastic covers are a part of the packaging and serve no other function than just that? As a matter of fact, it covers both the part you speak into, hear out of and also the camera. Does this make any sense? If he got the stupid orange water cooler he would probably leave the "look inside for FREE cup dispenser" label on the already tacky looking cooler. I am to the point that I might just let him have the big orange atrocity. You see folks, this is why I opted not to name my baby boy after his father...I would lose my mind! That's my tacky husband!



  1. umm, my name is katie and i too, leave the plastic on. sigh. it does stay newer longer & then when u finally do take it off - ta da... new phone.


    Can't help him with the look inside for free cup one... he's on his own there.

  2. I immediately take mine off, but to each their own

  3. thanks for dropping by! you have a nice family as well!

    as for the plastic, i also keep some of it on as long as it doesnt disrupt any of the phones features. i must add that as soon as it starts to peel off or simply gets annoying, i then take it off. i think it prolongs the 'new' feeling. doesnt work so well with the tissue paper they stuff into the new shoes though!! j/k

  4. It's to preserve the "brand new" feeling! And yes I keep stickers on stuff too. But once that protective plastic or the stickers start peeling it's gone.

    I'm starting to feel a little bad for Dwayne....first you say no to the orange cooler, then you get him a battery lunchbox that's supposed to be a cooler, now cracking on his new phone plastic. *tsk tsk tsk* poor man. And poor you for having to deal with his idiosyncrasies that drive you mad.

  5. i never take the plastic off either.
    runs and hides! ;)

  6. Well I've just bought a new phone yesterday.. :D
    And I don't want to take the plastic off :(
    My plastic isnt covering everything.. just the screen.. but I like the feeling of having the plastic there.. it makes the phone feel new.. I might take it off when the new-ness of it goes. Lol. :)


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