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100th post!

In honor of my 100th post, let's all eat cake!!

This is my 4 month baby bump shot. I have a little confession to make. The photos above were of me eating cake two separate times! We were at a wedding and Dwayne did not want a slice of cake. I insisted he needed to get a slice anyway. He said "no, I don't want it". I said "yes you do!" He says, "no really, I don't want it". I then said in a demonic sounding voice "GO GET THE CAKE NOW!!!!" I had two slices of cake... for the baby of course~!


  1. Happy 100th post! You look absolutely gorgeous in your picks!!! I think you should have two pieces of cake too! After all, the baby wants some. :)

  2. For a while, I couldn't access this blog and all of a sudden now I can. FUN! Stupid Chinese Censors.

    Anyway, you look great! And happy 100th post.

  3. yeahhhh! 100 posts!

    i love your baby bump. you are glowing. you are sooooooo beautiful. awwwwwwwwwww....i know Ish is waiting on you hand and foot!!!!!!!!

    two pieces of cake=satisfied mommy! you know the baby need a piece too :)

  4. My hubby and I already know that I should always get a sample at Sam's or the mall b/c if I don't want it, he'll eat it. lol

  5. GO GET THE CAKE NOW!!! LOL, I can picture myself doing that. You look flawless!

  6. You look great! Happy 100th post. I bet the baby enjoyed that cake as much as you did!

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    You know, you'd think husbands would learn that when a pregnant woman tells them to get cake, they should GET CAKE! Well done :)

    Pregnancy becomes you! You look stunning!

  8. Nice way to ring in your 100th post!! Thanks for checking out mine!

    I should have come up with something unique for the occassion however. Oh well... I'll just have to think of something for my 200th in a few months time!!

  9. Good memories, I can only imagine. I forgot to do my 100th post blog post. *sigh* LOL!


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