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Who is eating for two?

This awfully fantastic photo was shot by the master photographer and daughter of ours, Briahnna. Normally I would scream if you were taking a photo of me while I was eating, but in this case I am glad it happened. As you all can tell, me and my hubby were chillin' on the couch watching the evening news while eating ice cream as an after dinner treat. Notice I am eating out of a dainty tea cup and then Dwayne is eating out of the carton. Now it is my understanding that pregnant women eat for two, right? How many others is Dwayne eating for?!! Looks like he is sporting the baby bump instead of me! You gotta love the biggest kid in your life, your hubby! Look how serious he looks! LOL!!!


  1. Sheliza! You look beautiful and glowing in this pix.

  2. You do look beautiful! LOL! Dwayne cracks me up. I think he's having sympathy cravings for you. :)

  3. He must be having sympathy cravings. He's too funny! Great pix!

  4. I love love love this photo! Girl, he is a nut!!!!!! I cannot stop laughing he is so focused!

    You look stunning. You are truly glowing. Brianna caught a great moment.

  5. Sheliza. This is a post for the ages. Judging from my time reading this blog - I see that you and your husband both have a great sense of humor.

  6. i know this is old, but i love this pic! too funny...


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