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Sep 17, 2007


On Sunday our family attended the USC Women's volleyball game here in Columbia. Our girls were a part of the ball crew. Their job was simple, keep your eyes out for the balls and pass them along to the next crew member so they players always had a ball ready when they are. Dwayne and I had to brace ourselves because these women were VERY strong athletes and we just knew one of the girls were going to get smacked by a loose ball. Luckily they managed not to get hit and made it through. Girls, if you are reading this... note to self: never turn my back! Check out a clip.



  1. I love when kids have extra activities after school. They grow up to be geniuses. It's a proven fact :)

  2. Fun Fun Fun! I can see why you guys were a bit worrried. Hey, your hubby sounds abit like rapper DMX..hehe


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