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Laugh at yourself

Last night I was in Target with my two daughters shopping for some health and beauty products. We got all we needed from the list except one last item, body lotion for daddy. We get on the right aisle and started to look at our choices. It is very important to get the right product when shopping for my husband because he does not like "girlie" lotion. He likes feeling like a manly man so it takes a couple extra minutes to find just the right product. I was torn between two brands so I had to do what the girls in my family do... the sniff test. There was a new version of Vaseline Intensive Care with Cocoa Butter. Now my husband likes that kind of stuff. I reached to the top of the shelf and grabbed one (the price was really good). I flipped the cap open and took a whiff. I could not tell what it smelled like so I gave the bottle a little squeeze. All of a sudden the lotion squirted out all over my face and up my nose! My girls started to laugh uncontrollably and so did I!!!! I laughed til there were tears in my eyes and my stomach was sore. Now think about how awful that looked! The girls kept telling me where to wipe it off and every time I thought it was gone, they would see more. Needless to say, I will know what the lotion smells like for at least a week! I am so glad that I know how to laugh at myself. Looks like my girls will be talking about this one for a couple weeks. Now if the hubby was with me when it happened, he would talk about it for years to come~! Oh, I did end up buying it!


  1. Not only would he have laughed, I'm sure he would've pulled out a camera for the evidence files. LOL

    I looooooove Target. It's the best place on earth. :)

  2. lol...thats funny, I'm sure he would have been laughing.

  3. hehe I've done this with other products like shampoos.


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