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Gift idea

My kids have a birthday party to go to on July 6th for a 10 year old girl. I have bought this sweet child school supplies in the past as a gift. Now most people would think it was a boring gift, but her mom emailed me last night and requested I do the same this year. Moms are very practical (for the most part). I would be overjoyed if people would buy those types of gifts rather than senseless junk. No offense to anyone reading this that might have given my kids gifts in the past! ;o) he he! The best part of giving this type of gift is the cost. Not only are you giving something very useful, you are not spending a fortune. Gee, wonder if I have any coupons...


  1. Great Post. I always ask give some type of learning products. Perfect idea. School Supplies. Something they can actually use! Sure wish more people would get on this bandwagon!

  2. I think it is a great idea! The only drawback is the child's reaction to the gift. After all it is her day. :)


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