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My younger sister (2 years) and I started scrap booking recently. Okay, I lied. I started 2 years ago but lost motivation after the first couple pages. It seemed like fun when I started out buying all the cute paper, stickers, cutouts and all the other supplies you need. Then I lost interest for some time. Well, my sister relocated to Columbia from Atlanta a couple months ago and mentioned an interest in starting scrap booking as a hobby. We went out and purchased a few things and had zero motivation. Finally last night we actually sat down and worked on it (of course after a couple purchases from the craft store). We had so much fun!! I can't wait to do some more tonight. If anyone has any ideas to share please email me some photos of your work. Maybe I can steal some good ideas!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I had to giggle at the comment on how you started a scrap book then left it for two years. I have many a project like that! (Took a knitting class two years ago and still have a half finished scarf!) You motivated me to pick it up again!

    All the best!

  2. Aww! I miss you girls so much!

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  4. A dear friend of mine sent me a bunch of scrapbooking materials years ago and while I am incredibly inspired by the scrapping blogs and info I read, I've yet to complete even a single page. I think scrapping parties might motivate me, now to just get with some friends to start working.

    There's an amazing world of scrapbook bloggers out there- not sure if you've seen this site before but does so many beautiful things. If I ever stop being so unmotivated I'd love to get into digital scrapbooking. You have to post your pages when you finish to help inspire me :)

  5. The only thing missing from this photo is me "The ScrapMaster" LOL:)
    Luv ya more,


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