May 21, 2009

Growing up...

How does this happen so fast??

How can the once little girl in pigtails end up looking like this???


Chardie was all glammed up for her 8th grade semi-formal dance.

Dwayne + daughter that looks like this = SHOTGUN.


  1. She is gorgeous. And, Vic would be right there with a shotgun too if we had a daughter that looked like that.

  2. She looks gorgeous. Hope she had a great time.

  3. She is stunning! I was just about to say: I have two words for Dwayne. Shotgun. NOW!

  4. Uh oh...this looks like a miniature you.

    Yep a gun...welp just wow.

  5. She is absolutley beautiful!

  6. She's gorgeous and I love her smile. What are you guys going to do? You have 2 of them?

  7. When I first saw the photos on FaceBook my mouth hit the floor....LOL!! She is all grown up and looking beautiful, just like her Mommy!! Yup, Shotgun looks like it's in order...LOL!!


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