Sep 22, 2008

boy parts

I know this post is going to seem strange but understand I know nothing about baby boys. Will has his 6 month appointment tomorrow with the pediatrician and I have made a list of questions/ concerns for the doctor. My questions are very simple things like skin dryness and teething. Now Dwayne has the manly man question (what a surprise huh?) He wants to know if it is normal for his boy's little winkie to go inward. He is greatly concerned for his son's penis. I think it is the most important concern he has. Does anyone know if this is normal? I just don't want to look like a complete idiot to the doctor. If Dwayne was able to go then I would let him handle that one. If anyone with little boys can advise me on this one I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks...


  1. No clue on that one, and I have a house full of boys... my guess is the answer will be, it's normal, and will fix itself.

    But, now I'm intrigued... you'll you'll give us a winkie update?

  2. I would have to agree with Katie I have a boy also and am not sure,
    your comment about your husband being greatly concerned cracked me up.... just like a man to be worried about a winkie his or someone elses. I am sure everything will be ok

  3. I'm not sure.

    I would just ask the doctor.

    There are NO stupid questions and I'm sure the doctor has heard everything under the sun ;)

  4. Lol, Jay's does that. Just gently squeeze it and it'll pop out of hiding!

    For the dry skin, try a mixture of shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil. Our doc recommended aveeno & crisco (old school) ha! The shea mixture works best, slather him up 2-3 times a day! Make sure his skin is moist before applying, wet skin better absorbs.

  5. Oh, I read Sheena's response. I had never heard of an innie but ask the Dr anyway. That is what he is paid to do - answer questions.

  6. Hmmm...I googled. Didn't find much. I'm with Sheena on this one...

  7. Has the boy been curcumcised?
    Let the man handle it!
    Good luck!


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