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Four Reasons Teaching Can Be A Great Career Change For Moms

If you're a mom who has chosen to stay at home with the kids during the early years, it can be quite tempting to consider retraining so you can have a new and better career once you do return to work.

The availability of online degrees that can allow you to study from home, full or part time, has made it very easy for moms who want to find a new career path to get qualified while they're at home with the family, but what career should you choose? With anything from accounting or an MBA, nursing or hospitality management available from online colleges like the University of Cincinnati, you really do have a wealth of options.

Here, we take a look at why a really good choice can be getting an online masters in education and becoming a teacher:

Match Schedules with Your Kids

In most jobs, it can be hard to find a good time to do things like take vacations as a family, as getting time off work during school vacations can be something of a battle – everyone wants it!

However, as a teacher, your schedule both on a day to day basis and when it comes to vacations will be fairly similar to your school age kids, making arranging family time much easier.

Learn to Teach Your Own Kids in New and Interesting Ways

Not all learning happens in the school environment, and as a parent you are sure to want to be able to teach your children interesting things and get them excited about learning. As you study for a masters in education, you'll gain some great insight into how kids learn, and be able to use this at home as well as in the classroom.

Use Your Existing Knowledge

Depending on what age group you want to teach, there is demand for all kinds of specialisms. This means that whatever your existing background and first degree are in, you can use that knowledge combined with what you learn in doing your masters in education online to become a specialist teacher in your original field, for instance science, IT, language or even things like art and music.

This means that while you are retraining, you are not losing the benefits of your past studies or experience.

Make a Difference to Children

As moms, we tend to empathize a lot with children and want to help and nurture them – even the ones who aren't our own! As a good teacher, you can inspire and motivate children, help those with difficulties at school, and become an important role model for them. Not all kids have good people to look up to and teach them, and so this is something you can take on as a teacher.

If you are looking for a career change that is rewarding, interesting and also has some practical benefits now that you have started a family, then teaching can be the perfect choice, and getting qualified has never been easier!
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4 Tips for Mom Nurses Trying to get into Anesthesia School

Many moms work in the medical field and they want to earn more money per hour so they can either work fewer hours for the same pay or earn more overall. Anesthesia certification offers them exactly this opportunity, but first, you have to get into the anesthesia program. Here are four tips for mom nurses applying for anesthesia school.

Meet and Exceed the Minimum Academic Requirements

If you barely completed some of the classes that are considered prerequisites for nurse anesthesiology, consider retaking the prerequisite classes again before you apply for the nursing anesthesiology program. First, it ensures that you know what you need to know to succeed in the program. Second, it could boost your GPA, making you eligible for admission. If your prior BSN was years ago, retaking the prerequisites and getting good grades now will demonstrate to the nurse anesthesiology program that you’ve got your academic act together now. In fact, you may want to take courses like statistics now so that you don’t have to take it as part of the CRNA program. If you’re balking at going back to take refresher classes, remember that you’ll be required to enroll in CRNA CEU or take some suitable continuing education units regularly to maintain your certification.

You’ll stand out ahead of the pack if you’ve taken master’s level nursing classes on your own prior to applying to a nurse anesthesiology program. If that’s not an option, go above and beyond the minimum continuing education standards as a BSN.

The Right Type of Experience

Anesthesia programs typically want people who have on the job experience related to the profession. One year of experience in critical care nursing is a minimum, but two years puts you at the top of the list. This experience prepares you for the clinical portion of the anesthesia program. Yes, a few programs will take you if your primary experience is in pediatrics or neonatal care. At a minimum, you’re making professional contacts with people likely to hire you as a nurse anesthetist later.

Where possible, job shadow a CRNA several times. This gives you a good understanding of what the job entails, so you don’t apply for the program and then drop out because it isn’t what you expected.

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The Right Certifications

Some nurse anesthesiologist programs require you to have a CCRN certification; a few have even waived the GRE requirement if you have the CCRN certification. Nearly all programs give preference to those who possess it. It demonstrates your knowledge of critical care nursing. If you don’t have two years of experience in critical care, holding the certification may make the difference between admitted and not.

Understand Your Options

Don’t rush through your application to the top ten anesthesiology programs. Consider both online and in-person classes before you sign up for a nurse anesthesiology program., and select one that fits your budget and your intentions. Always verify that the anesthesiology program is accredited and would issue a credential that lets you work as a nurse anesthesiologist in the state you want to work in.

Also, research your options for earning CRNA CEU through programs like Valley Anesthesia so that you know where you can take the necessary continuing credit classes well before they come due.

Getting accepted in anesthesiology school is definitely possible if you are ready to do the extra work and gain the qualifications you will need to expedite the process.
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