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I haven't shaved my legs in 6 weeks

It's true, I am not lying. I haven't shaved my legs in 6 weeks!  Mind you, I usually shave 3-4 times a week. How is this possible? I started using VEET® Hair Removal Cream . I received a bottle of the VEET Gel Cream Pump to test out and have been using it once a week, for 6 weeks. I have noticed smoother skin longer compared to traditional shaving. It makes me wonder why I haven't been using VEET all this time! It is so easy to use and takes about 3-6 minutes. When you wash the cream off, all you feel is super-moisturized and smooth skin. I don't know if I will ever shave again!
About this product: 

Get touchably smooth skin for up to twice as long as shaving with VEET® Hair Removal Cream. Unlike shaving that can sometimes dry the delicate surface of your skin, the formula from VEET contains ingredients that can help restore skin's hydration levels. This formula is designed to work close to the root of the hair. Therefore your hair can take noticeably longer to grow back and your skin stays smoother for longer!* This specially designed Sensitive formula is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to ensure maximum respect of your skin.
*Than shaving with your regular razor.

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