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Planning A Family Trip To South Carolina

If you’re looking for a family fun vacation spot to take your loved ones, South Carolina is the best place to visit! If it’s your first time here, there are several fun areas you’ll be excited to check out that offer relaxation, fun, privacy and just an overall wonderful experience! Our state is home to some incredible breathtaking beach resorts which will allow you to have fun in the sun, get pampered at a local spa and try new activities with your children. Below are fun unforgettable areas to visit.

1. Myrtle Beach - If you have small children, chances are they’ve expressed their excitement about visiting this location before! This is a classic and iconic beach destination which offers more than 12 million people that visit the city each year, the opportunity to enjoy it’s 10 miles of sandy beaches as well as attractions. It’s not like what you would find in other boardwalk locations because it offers such a variety of fun things to do!

Some of these include nightclubs, shops, water parks, miniature golf courses, amusement parks and rides, outlet malls and many restaurants! If your children are younger, Myrtle Beach lends itself to them by providing an interactive museum called Wonderworks! If you’re planning your trip, try to beat the crowds and visit in May or September or watch surfers emerge from June to August when the weather is perfect.

2. Hilton Head - This incredible area is one that you’ll probably wish you could come visit once a year! You can enjoy year round golf or tennis at more than 33 locations, take a beach cruiser down to Hilton Head Island and visit their trails or spend a full day playing and building sand castles at the beach. They also have a variety of activities to do such as a lighthouse museum, art galleries and metal workshops. It also has incredible restaurants and delicious places to sit and take in the views of the water. The vibe and feel of Hilton Head is a little slower than other areas so take note as you’re planning your trip!

3. Charleston - What makes South Carolina such a unique state is it’s modern locations as well as it’s historical ones. Charleston is no stranger to so many tourists year round especially those who are looking to get a new taste of the south. It’s called the “gem of the south” and for good reason. You can stroll through the downtown area and pass by hidden fountains or gorgeous gardens homeowners take such good care of year round.

They also offer historical house tours and monuments to keep you busy. There are several great places to visit for fresh food at their market or look for other more trendy restaurants which can then be an easy walk to some of the hippest bars in town. Charleston is extremely easy to walk or bike ride too with it’s small flat terrain area which is perfect to bring your little ones to explore and get some exercise in before a long nap!

Image: Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co
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What are some fun and exciting places your family is expected to travel this year?
 Are you making South Carolina one of them? 
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